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  • antimabuddha
  • Buddhist couple looking for 6 female partners
  • I am interested in "early" Buddhism. I graduated from Fordham University with a BS in Biological Sciences and Philosophy of Mind double major. However, I have transitioned into and am currently pursuing an education in government and religion, particularly Buddhist Studies. My female partner and I are looking for females partners who may be most suitable for us to have a marital relations...
  • 28 years old | Kendall Park, NJ, USA

  • steel77
  • I am always interested in becoming a better person
  • 42 years old | Colorado Springs, CO, USA

  • aranbenjo
  • interested curious about that
  • 40 years old | Roma, Italy

  • redmesa
  • This is a company test account. We use this account to trouble shoot problems and test new features.
  • 40 years old | Abbotts, NY, USA

  • namaste805
  • I am a Christian living by the Buddhist philosophy that I believe Christ lived by. You don't have to be a Christian for my sake, but it would be nice if you at least believed that he walked the earth. I am not a member of any organized church. I follow the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh. I am not a vegetarian, and I prefer that you are not either. I do drink socially, I prefer you do too, at ...
  • 56 years old | Camarillo, CA, USA

  • bolivariano4
  • 27 years old | Oak Park, IL, USA

  • transpersonal
  • Dharma Chanda and Transformation for the Earth

    For me the Middle Way is to live a transpersonal life, a life that is to be compassion- and wisdom-inspired and that serves a function for and as an integral part of the Earth. In such a life the essence of bhavana includes an inner mutation and an outer transformation, thereby changing both person and Earth. The inner mutation involves changing th...

  • 64 years old | Austin, TX, USA

  • feedback
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  • 30 years old | New York, NY, USA

  • goddesspas
  • GODDESS SEEKING HER KRISHNA Yes, Im a Lakshmi worshipper,and I worshipp the GODDESSES, and the GODS, with my wisdom I allow the flow of their energies upon the earth to assist and guide me, I enjoy listening to the wonders of how the GODS AND GODDESS interact with the humans.
  • 69 years old | Pensacola, FL, USA

  • emperortomax1
  • 58 years old | Woodbridge, VA, USA

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